As a designer I am comfortable working with unknowns as I recognize that much of design is working with things we do not yet understand. I am proactive and naturally take the leadership role in a group. My leadership style has matured over my degree and I understand that sometimes, the best leaders follow. A large portion of my identity as a designer originates from the work I do outside of the study. I work as an outdoor adventure tour guide and run youth leadership programs. As a designer I am empathetic and conscious of the real-world implications that a design can have. I have experienced first hand products which have been developed in a perfect and sterile environment but then fail tremendously when used by real humans. I am a designer who likes to get her hands dirty and step into the scenario for which I design for. I am also extremely comfortable in a multidisciplinary environment. I think this is the design environment of the future and I am interested in how we can further develop these collaborations from a design perspective. I am especially interested in service systems and the way in which I can take the knowledge from a client and transform that into a complete system.


My Vision on design has been constantly evolving throughout my studies. Here is my current vision of the responsibilities I have as a designer, what the designs that I put out into the world should cultivate, and what is important for me to keep in mind during my design process.

I believe that design should foster authentic experiences. For me, authentic experiences mean stepping away from the virtual world and interactions mediated by screens, and fostering real-world contact between people and their environment. To achieve this, I want to make interacting with the physical world more accessible through my designs. This means harnessing the latest technology and trends and discovering how it can translate for human beings to interact with the physical world and with each other. I believe that technology has huge potential and my vision is to use technology to enable rich real-world understanding as opposed to disabling it. This means that I am critical of where I introduce technology into my designs and I do not introduce it just for the sake of it.

With my designs I want to make the invisible, visible so that everyone can better understand the complex systems and biases which surround us on a day to day basis. I am motivated to design product which challenge users to confront their beliefs and values. My focus lies not only on the design of a singular product, but rather the entire system into which a product fits. This means that my vision on the design process as a whole has shifted over the past 3 years, away from the designer as a lone entity and towards the possibilities of multidisciplinary teams which understand each other. I believe that the design process must be adapted to accommodate the introduction of other disciplines when tackling real world problems and that designers of the future will increasingly play a unique role of curating and facilitating the design process so that many disciplines can come together harmoniously.